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Choose Good Nutrition on a Picnic

Don’t let “Temptation” keep you from eating right and living better, even when you’re spending a day at the park.

Choose Good Nutrition at the Grocery Store

“Temptation” is always nearby, trying to get you to make bad food choices, even at the grocery store.

Choose Good Nutrition in Restaurants

It’s not easy, but you can fight “Temptation,” even when you are eating out at a restaurant and “Ooey Gooey Brownie Sundae” is on the menu.


The term “Diabulimia” combining “diabetes” and “bulimia” describes a dangerous condition wherein diabetics skip insulin treatments in an attempt to lose weight.


Emergencies come in all forms. For diabetics it’s important to pack a special emergency kit. Learn what your kit should contain.


Your thyroid affects many of your body’s daily functions. If your thyroid isn’t working properly, neither are you. Learn how to “Check Your Neck,” then visit www.thyroidawareness.com for more information.