Free Endocrine Health Resources Are Just A Click Away

Mary Green

Among the many beneficial services provided by the American College of Endocrinology (ACE – the scientific, educational and charitable arm of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists) is the development and distribution of patientdirected information.

From obesity to osteoporosis and diabetes to diseases of the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, ACE creates in-demand materials that are often derived from clinical guidelines created by endocrinologists, who are recognized experts in a particular disease category, and include the latest diagnostic and treatment options available to patients.

Complementing EmPower, the magazine you are reading right now (which you can subscribe to for free!!!!), ACE has created a robust, even more encompassing EmPower website (, which features all content from previous magazine issues, detailed information regarding the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the full range of endocrine diseases and disorders, and a number of downloadable pamphlets.

Among them are: an osteoporosis treatment patient decision tool, a helpful resource that will help you weigh your options and make better-informed decisions regarding your care; a directory of Prescription Assistance Programs for those who either lack health insurance or those whose insurance doesn’t cover their medications or their copayments are too burdensome; and My Diabetes Emergency Plan, an essential checklist tool to make sure you or a loved one with diabetes is prepared for emergencies, natural disasters and other unexpected circumstances that could compromise one’s care. is one of ACE’s most popular resources, with almost a quarter-of-a-million visitors last year. Recently selected by editors of popular consumer health information website as one of the Best Thyroid Blogs of 2016, the recently updated site includes downloadable content on the full range of thyroid conditions; instructions on how to perform a self neck check; and My Pill Check, a user-friendly, searchable photo gallery where you can compare thyroid medications received from your pharmacy to the pill and dosage prescribed by your physician to confirm the correct prescription was received, which is very important in thyroid treatment.