WATCH, LEARN, SHARE: EmPower Online Videos Offer Guidance for a Number of Endocrine-Related Medical Issues

EmPower Magazine is just one spoke in the wheel of the American College of Endocrinology’s (ACE) efforts to improve patient health awareness and education.

ACE’s EmPower website ( also features a number of videos designed to educate viewers about a variety of endocrine-related subjects.

Among the topics covered in the informative series of videos are:

  • A physician overview and interviews with people with diabetes about diabulimia, a little-known but dangerous condition in which people with type 1 diabetes (most frequently females) deliberately give themselves less insulin than they need in order to achieve weight loss;
  • “Learn To Check Your Neck,” an effort to bring awareness to symptoms of thyroid disorders, which afflict an estimated 30 million Americans;
  • Diabetes 911: How to prepare a portable diabetes emergency kit, a particularly timely topic given the many occurring natural disasters wreaking havoc throughout the U.S. recently; and
  • How to fight temptation and make healthy nutritional choices when dining out or grocery shopping.

The EmPower videos page was recently revised to enhance navigation and create a more user-friendly experience. The organization has plans to add to its video library, so visitors are encouraged to bookmark the site address and check back frequently. The site address is: Alternatively, the videos can be viewed on AACE’s YouTube channel at