Counting Summertime Carbohydrates

Fireworks, community parades, backyard barbecues: the fabulous things we love about summer have arrived! As someone who enjoys summer and has diabetes, it’s often challenging to plan for these events, especially with all of the beverage choices available! What if there is no diet soft drinks or water? How many carbohydrates are really hiding in each of the drink options? The best thing to do is always read the label on the back of your beverage before drinking it so you know how many carbs are included. Below is a table of some common summer time drinks along with their serving size and carbohydrate count.

Not quite sure what a serving size of carbohydrates looks like? Try this simple experiment at home before you head to your event. You will need: table sugar, a plastic baggie, a teaspoon, your favorite beverage (with a label), and the knowledge that 1 teaspoon of sugar is equal to 4 grams of carbohydrates. First step: read the back of your beverage, let’s say it’s regular soda. Looking at the table above, a regular soda has 40g of carbs. 40g divided by 4g is 10g—that is 10 teaspoons of sugar! Now place 10 teaspoons of sugar into your plastic bag. Hold up the bag and really take a look at how many grams of sugar are being consumed in one 12-ounce regular soda!

Counting summertime carbohydrates

Next step, be prepared before heading to your summertime picnic or cookout. Below is a list of common picnic foods along with their carbohydrate counts.

So, sit back and enjoy your cheeseburger in paradise with a refreshing beverage and enjoy all of the wonderful things we love about summer!

Counting summertime carbohydrates