EmPowering Endocrinologists Too!

By Sarah Senn

It was an early morning just before sunrise. Some often enjoy the solitude of a morning jog or leisurely stroll by themselves. But on this morning, the people gathered to start their day together, stride in stride; national and international, young and old, physician and non-physician, all with one goal: to finish the race.

In April 2011, nearly 140 AACE Annual Meeting attendees eagerly assembled for the 4th Annual EmPower 5k Fun Run. The race took place along the world famous San Diego Harbor and waterfront, a scenic route boasting outstanding views of the city.

A fitness instructor led the group through a 10-minute aerobic warm-up before the start. Donald A. Bergman, MD, MACE, founder of EmPower and Chair of the ACE EmPower Committee gave a welcome to attendees. Etie S. Moghissi, MD, FACP, FACE, Editor of EmPower Magazine also welcomed everyone and energized attendees before runners and walkers took their place at the start line.

The horn blew and the participants were off! Dr. Richard Auchus of Dallas, Texas was the first male runner to cross the finish line at a time of 18:42. AACE Director of Finance Lydia Utley was the first female to cross the finish line at a time of 22:15. Ranmali Wimalawansa of North Brunswick, NJ was the first female walker to cross the finish line at a time of 35:06. Dr. Jonathan Leffert of Dallas, TX was the first male walker to cross the finish line at a time of 41:59.

Awards were presented to the top three male and female runners and walkers in their respective divisions. One by one, everyone finished the race, empowered by their accomplishments, making this year’s event the most successful to date. But this event wasn’t about the competition. It was about having fun and demonstrating what being an endocrinologist is all about. For more information of about the event and a full list of race results, visit www.tracs.net/aace5k/.

Congratulations to all of the participants for a job well done!

AACE would like to thank those who made the 4th Annual EmPower 5k Fun Run possible: Novo Nordisk Inc. for its generous support to fund the EmPower 5k Fun Run at the Annual Meeting; TRACS, Inc. for its management of event logistics.