Up To Here campaign urges Americans to seek treatment for undiagnosed thyroid disease

woman overwhelmed with thyroid disorder symptoms

To coincide with Thyroid Awareness Month, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) launched the #UpToHere campaign to raise awareness across the U.S. of thyroid diseases and to help people recognize symptoms, risk factors and when to seek treatment. More than 10% of Americans will develop a thyroid disease during their lives, yet many of those affected remain unaware of their condition.

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland located at the base of the front of the neck. It produces hormones that influence all system organs of the body, including the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, skin and eyes. Many people with thyroid diseases are up to their necks in frustrating symptoms, such as gaining weight, feeling sad or not getting enough sleep. Many of the symptoms associated with thyroid issues are often mistaken for other conditions, misidentified as a normal part of aging or blamed on lifestyle habits.

“Thyroid hormone impacts almost every organ of the body and can affect every possible aspect of a person’s life,” said Cheryl Rosenfeld, D.O., FACE, FACP, ECNU. “Most thyroid diseases can affect abilities to perform daily tasks, such as concentrating at work or interacting with loved ones. If you suspect you’re at risk for thyroid disease, make an appointment to see an endocrinologist.”

Talking with your doctor or making an appointment with an endocrinologist (a physician specializing in endocrine glands and hormones) are the first steps to ensure that your thyroid gland is healthy and functioning properly.

Learn more about thyroid health at thyroidawareness.com.